Wish List

At Mashambanzou Care trust, we believe in the power of tangible contributions to make a real difference in the lives of those in need. 

a) Laptops
b) Cartridges and tonners
c) Network cables
d) External hard drives
e) Flash sticks
f) Projectors
g) Phones
h) Tablets

a) Bond paper
b) Counter books
c) Ball point pens
d) Rulers
e) Lever ach files
f) Flat files
g) Stick notes
h) Cameras

Food staff ( Mashambanzou Care Unit patient nutritional support)

a) Cooking oil
b) Sugar
c) Rice
d) Matemba
e) Beef and chicken

Soaps and detergents
a) Dishwashing liquid
b) Surf
a) Bleach powder
b) Micromatic powder
c) Pine gel
d) Jik

a) Project vehicles
b) Ambulance vehicle
c) Containers

Hospital equipment
Bp machines
Diagnostic sets
Stretcher beds
Wheel chairs
Pedal bins
Lamp goose
Camera Lanse +2 type

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